Esto es Lío

Esto es Lío

So, you’d like to peek behind the curtain and find out more about us? Lío was born from a desire to stage the most audacious, thrilling, and pulse-racing entertainment in town. Grown-up entertainment for the eternally young at heart.

Our story began in 2011 with the launch of our debut location, Lío Ibiza. Pushing boundaries with our unique blend of decadent hospitality and sensationally risqué nightlife, we soon became the hottest ticket in town. From Ibiza, Mykonos beckoned, followed by London, and most recently, Mallorca. Now, we invite our diverse international audience to get dressed to the nines and enjoy an unforgettable fiesta combining cabaret, dining, and late-night clubbing. Our motto is sì, a todo, because we say yes to everything – and we invite our guests to do the same.

Cabaret Espectacular

This is cabaret, but not as you know it. Charged with sensual thrills and truly increíble displays, our immersive 21st century shows are not for the faint-hearted. Book your cabaret tickets and let us entertain you with pulse-racing performances from our flamboyant troupe of top artists and performers. We’re ready and waiting to step into our sequins.

Utterly Unique Locations

Lío currently has four locations – Ibiza, Mykonos, London, and Mallorca. Each is alluringly distinct, chosen for its irresistibly glamorous setting and spectacular sense of place – occasionally infused with a touch of the iconic. For instance, Lío London is housed in former historic nightclub Café de Paris in the heart of the capital, whilst Lío Mykonos opens to a beautiful open-air garden on the cerulean shores of a whitewashed island town. Wherever we are in the world, a night with Lío is guaranteed to be full of thrills, spills, and audaciously immersive fun.